Manual therapy

Manual therapy in physiotherapy is a set of techniques applied directly to the joints or muscles to optimize movement and therefore improve the functional performance of the treated limb.

Some of this training is acquired in university, but most physiotherapists acquire advanced training at the post-graduate level.

Manual therapy is at the core of our treatments and, by adding an appropriate exercise program adapted to each person, makes it possible to return to optimal and painless normal functions.

Chronic pain?

Chronic pain is pain that persists for months and even years.

Even if it's not incapacitating, it can limit your ability to take part in activities and even prevent you from carrying out your normal functions. Sometimes, too, you hold yourself back, worrying that you're aggravating your condition.

But the less you move, the more you're likely to develop stiffness (muscular, joint, etc.) and lose strength.

At Stimula Physiotherapy, we assess your actual condition, your problems, and the limitations you're facing along with your objectives so we can treat you accordingly. By using various manual therapy techniques (soft tissue techniques, myofascial release, joint techniques, etc.), backed with mobility / strengthening / postural exercises, your condition can be improved.

Even if your condition is chronic (osteoarthritis, hernia, etc.) or if you've already consulted a therapist in the past and aren't satisfied with your present condition, don't hesitate to arrange a consultation.